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What we do

Through the National Youth Health Programme, NYCI has sought to develop the capacity of the sector and organisations to advocate on issues that affect young people and develop evidenced based resources and trainings to support that work.  We have also contributed to and sought to influence public policy in the area of youth health through our engagement with the political system, through social partnership and through the media. 


Our approach to this work is wide in scope, including :

  • Building the capacity of youth organisations and youth-serving agencies to promote and inform healthy lifestyle behaviour.
  • Developing specific issue based health promotion interventions supported by resource production and trainings.
  • Advocating for the adoption and implementation of evidence-based policies and actions which would promote healthier lifestyle choices and behaviour amongst young people.
  • Influencing national policy in the main arenas dealing with young people's health
  • Engaging in public debate on relevant health issues through the media and other channels.