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Spiced Up - a resource for young women

Spiced up is written with youth workers and leaders in mind as well as those who are involved in working with young women in a non-formal setting.

The materials are aimed at young women aged between 12 and 18 years but leaders should adapt the exercises to suit their group - indeed some of what you will find here could be used with women of 45 or even with boys and young men too. But our focus is girls and young women.

The book aims to address a wide range of issues which, we feel are particularly important to girls today. It is by no means a comprehensive resource of all these matters but we have selected some, which we feel, and you have said, are the most important. The format of the book does not allow us to go into great detail on any one topic, but it gives a general overview. If you want to further develop the issue of self-esteem, for example, we recommend that you consult other specialist resources or agencies to help you build a more detailed programme around this. You will find suggestions of other useful resources and support materials in sections six and seven.

This Book is divided into seven sections, each one dealing with a different broad area. These sections are:

  • Knowing Me Knowing You
  • Body and Mind
  • My Life My Future
  • In the Picture
  • Women making a difference
  • Activities
  • Resources

Download Spiced Up (PDF)