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Read what the class of 2017/2018 thought of the Specialist Certificate in Youth Health Promotion

In the academic year 2017/2018, the National Youth Health Programme in collaboration with National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) hosted the Specialist Certificate in Youth Health Promotion in the Marino Institute Dublin. 

Students from every corner of Ireland who currently work within the youth work sector and Youthreach attended. Their ultimate aim being to encourage, support and facilitate their place of work to become an effective setting for health. 

Specialist Certificate in Youth Health Promotion 2017/18

At the end of year, we asked the students some key questions to evaluate, how successful the course was during the academic year of 2017/2018. Here is a snapshot of what they said: 

Overall, how did you find the course? 

‘Phenomenal, I learnt so much and really appreciated all the support and learning’

‘I learned so much and the information was so diverse. I have a much more comprehensive view of health’

‘Excellent, so much information and learning’

‘The induction day was great, really sets the scene and takes the fear out of starting the course’

‘The tutors were so lovely and supportive throughout the year’ 

‘The support provided by NYHP was amazing, supporting, caring and compassionate’ 

How did you find the course content, flow and assignments? 

‘Found the flow of the programme went well. Found some days hard going but to my thinking and understanding rather than the course content itself’

‘Intense at times but great’ 

‘I found the course content very interesting and relevant’

‘Good content, covered everything, good flow too’

‘Really practical, not too complex, really helped put the learnings in practice’

‘Very relevant to own work’

‘Really enjoyed all the guest speakers, all very informative’

Is there any negatives or changes you would make to the course? 

‘Tight schedule over the Christmas period, wouldn’t change anything else’

‘Well-spaced out just bar Christmas. A bit of pressure to get that done’

‘Concerns were addressed by the tutors, with understanding and compassion – we got loads from the course’

If a friend asked you your opinions on the course, what would you say? 

‘It was one of the most informative courses that I have every attended’

‘Very educational. Loads to learn, meet great people, good to network, excellent resources, do it’

‘Really would benefit all aspects of your life’

Get buy in from your organisation in advance. It’s a lot of work but can be so fruitful for the organisation’

Was there any key learnings for you? 

‘How the different dimensions inter play on aspects of our health’

‘My personal journey with writing, research, getting back into education- my self-discovery’

‘So much unplanned learning’

‘Learning about yourself and applying health promotion to own life’

The next Specialist Certificate in Youth Health Promotion will run September 2019. If you are interested in applying, please contact info@nyci.iefor more information