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P.A.U.S.E. Teen Coaching – Dealing with Challenging Behaviour

Course Description:

P.A.U.S.E. is the first of the TEEN Coaching workshops and is essential for those wanting to refresh and review their behaviour management knowledge and skills. This self-awareness based workshop focuses on the day to day challenges we face with young people and offers common sense solutions to reduce these challenges to help us be more effective in our roles. 

*available on demand*

Course objectives:

  • To support participants to reflect on the importance of environmental structures and boundaries to help prevent challenging behaviour.
  • To fast track participant’s knowledge for working with young people through the structured sharing of experience.
  • To help participants improve their confidence & skills at reducing challenging behaviour at the earliest stage without compromising personal safety or child centred practice.
  • To focus on the importance of self-awareness, especially when faced with challenging behaviour and teach an easy to remember tool for ensuring our practice is child centred at all times.

Designed For Anyone: 

  • New to working with teenagers
  • Wanting to develop their confidence & skills at preventing and reducing challenging behaviour
  • Wanting to take ‘time out’ for Reflective Practice 
  • Wanting to enhance their self-awareness


Contact the National Youth Health Programme on 01 4784122

Course Capacity: 

Minimum of 16 participants and maximum of 22 participants