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Mindfulness: Moment to Moment

A specially designed training course for youth workers and those who work with young people in the non-formal education setting.

Moment to Moment

Just this moment, not the one that has passed, not the one that is to come,                              but just… This Moment…


The National Youth Health Programme and the Sanctuary are offering the following training course on Mindfulness and meditative techniques. The aim of the course is to assist youth workers to use mindfulness in their personal lives, and their work practice with young people. 


You must first experience stillness and bring it into your own life,

before you can offer it to others - Abraham Maslow


The training course will be delivered over 4 days.


Facilitated by: Niamh Bruce and Dermot O'Brien


This Training Course is designed with the world of young people in mind and the fast pace of life we all experience today. It is based on the successful techniques used by the Sanctuary over the years.  

This course is experiential. 


This innovative and exciting course is designed to bring the experience of meditation and mindfulness out into youth-work and non-formal education settings, where it can reach young people who might otherwisenot have the opportunity to experience the practice of mindfulness.


The course is non-denominational in character and is respectful of the traditions of children, teachers and youth workers from all kinds of spiritual, religious and secular backgrounds and cultures with very minor adaptions.


The Moment to Moment course aims to equip you to meditqate yourself, and to familiarise you with techniques for using mindfulness with young people you work with.

The training is held in the beautiful surroundings of the Sanctuary which is a meditation centre in Dublin city.

The staff of the Sanctuary, have worked with young people and those with whom they work with since 2005. The Sanctuary believes that everyone – the child, the teenager and the adult – can access this place of stillness within themselves, and once it is part of their consciousness its potential for their well-being and the well-being of society is huge.       


For more information on the training course contact:

Ailish O' Neill (

Senior Project Officer

National Youth Health Programme

National Youth Council of Ireland

3 Montague Street

Dublin 2


Tel: 01 478 4122