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HQM Support Documents


Health Quality Mark Support Manual 2011


Health Quality Mark Support Templates


Health Quality Mark Criteria Audit Template


Health Quality Mark Remonitoring Criteria Template


Criteria 2 - Health Promotion Team Terms of Reference Template


Sample Meeting Record Template


Criteria 3 - Organisational Health Promotion Strategy Template


Criteria 5 Peer Health Promotion Initative Planning Template


Criteria 7 Training Plan for Staff/Volunteers and Management

Indivdual Training Needs Analysis


Checklist for Training and Development - Indivdual and Organisational

Organisational Training Report Template


Criteria 8 - Framework for evaluating Partnerships


Criteria 9 - Model of Good Practice for Health Promotion

Template for application of Model of Good Practice


Checklist for the APIE Model of Good Practice


Criteria 10 - Health and Safety Policy and Procedures

Checklist for Health Safety Resources


Checklist for First Aid


Checklist for dealing with emergency situations


Checklist for instruction, training and supervision


Checklist for Fire Safety


Criteria 11 - Ensuring and promoting equality and inclusiveness

Checklist for Equality Proofing


Criterion 12 - Child Protection Policy and Procedures

Child Protection Organisational Audit Tool (DOC)