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Food Labelling Research

In January 2008, the European Commission proposed new Regulations on Food Information to Consumers (Food Labelling), which have been considered and debated for adoption by Member States with a final vote by Parliament in July 2011. The debate has been marked by controversy over several elements, particularly Front of Pack Labelling. 

This research was commissioned by the Irish Heart Foundation, Irish Cancer Society and National Youth Council of Ireland and conducted by RED C Research & Marketing Ltd. in September 2010.

The research finds that shoppers are significantly more likely to find the colour coded GDA label with the inclusion of the words high, medium and low, more informative, easier to use in the comparison of health, easier to determine health at a glance and more likely to use in the future than the monochrome food label.

Download the PDF of the Research Findings

Click here for a graphical summary of the research (PDF)