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Aims and Benefits of the Health Quality Mark

Aim of the Health Quality Mark

The aim of the health quality mark is to recognise and acknowledge quality health promotion in youth organisations. 

Presentation of Health Quality Mark



  • To develop and sustain quality health promotion in youth organisations.
  • To ensure good practice in health promotion through needs assesment, planning, implementation and evaluation of all health promotion activities throughouth the organisation.To increase team work for all those involved in the health quality mark.
  • To enhance a teamwork approach and sense of ownership for all those involved.
  • To ensure that health related policies, practice and programmes are integrated effectively.
  • To promote the health of all those involved in the youth organisation including young people, staff, volunteers and management.
  • To ensure that work is consistently documented
  • To stimulate and encourage a culture of assessing quality.

Benefits of the Health Quality Mark to successful Organisations

The HQ Mark will:

  • Recognise and acknowledge good practice and a high standard of quality in all aspects of health promotion in the successful organisations.
  • Positively differentiate 'health promoting youth organisations' from other service providers.
  • Improve competitiveness in Health Promotion provision in youth organisations.
  • Increase the public profile of organisations who achieve the HQ Mark.
  • Ensure ongoing support and training from the NYCI to successful organisations so that they continue to maintain their HQ Mark.
  • Raise standards of Health Promotion in organisations.